Beginning in 2015, the Plan Revitaliza aims to promote an urban waste management scheme based on composting and "kilometre zero treatment" of urban bio-waste. The main objective is helping municipalities meet the goals set by European, national and regional legislation regarding the percentage of collected and reused bio-waste.

At the moment, 42 municipalities have joined the Plan Revitaliza in different stages. Six of them have already made great progress to develop and globally implement composting as their waste management system. Seven more have just taken the first steps for global implementation. The remaining municipalities have community composting centres and individual composters or are in the process of installing them.

In November 2017, a new membership call was opened and the municipalities of Gondomar, A Illa de Arousa, Lalín, Redondela, Ribadumia, Salceda de Caselas and Sanxenxo joined the scheme. The last membership call, in 2018, saw the municipalities of Cerdedo-Cotobade, Covelo, A Guarda, Poio, Portas and Vila de Cruces join Revitaliza and A Illa de Arousa, Bueu, Cangas and Moaña (as a union), Poio, Ponteareas, Tomiño e Valga take the leap of global implementation. In 2019, the municipalities of Marín and Meis formally joined the Plan Revitaliza.





The Deputación offers several grants and support lines for municipalities to kick-start the Plan Revitaliza.


In late 2015, the Deputación organised a trip to Navarra and the Basque Country during which the representatives of different municipalities of the province of Pontevedra learnt how composting was implemented in other municipalities with very similar characteristics and size to their own. This experience was vital to encourage local governments of Pontevedra to get started with composting.

Then, the first stage of the Plan Revitaliza began. More than 50 community composting centres were set up in several municipalities. The goal was to show the population that composting could be successful too in the province of Pontevedra. For that purpose the Deputación created a support line. More than 21 municipalities benefited from it. The Deputación also gave them community composters that are working perfectly these days, much to the participant citizens' delight.

Support lines for community composting

Príncipe Felipe. Composting pilot project. 


After having proved that bio-waste composting in the municipalities of the province is perfectly feasible, the Deputación de Pontevedra started a new stage to help municipalities to implement it as a global system.

The second stage of the Plan Revitaliza required municipalities to join the scheme and make a formal commitment to treating the organic fraction of waste through composting. Once the membership was formalised, each municipality could benefit from three collaboration support lines: for staff training, for the creation of a waste management scheme and for buying composters for those municipalities that had decided to achieve the goal of composting 100 % of all bio-waste before 2020.

In July 2017, the following municipalities joined the scheme, namely Baiona, Barro, Bueu, Caldas de Reis, Cambados, Campo Lameiro, Cangas, Catoira, Cuntis, O Grove, Moaña, Mondariz, Mondariz-Balneario, As Neves, Oia, Ponte Caldelas, Ponteareas, Pontevedra, O Porriño, Rodeiro, O Rosal, Salvaterra de Miño, Silleda, Soutomaior, Tomiño, Tui, Valga, Vilaboa and Vilagarcía de Arousa.

In November 2017, a call for new members was made and the municipalities of Gondomar, A Illa de Arousa, Lalín, Redondela, Ribadumia, Salceda de Caselas and Sanxenxo joined the scheme. Currently, a new and final call for new members is being considered.

Grants 2017

In 2017, € 1,250,000 were allocated to subsidize up to 90 % of the purchase of individual and community composters for municipalities that decided to globally implement composting in their whole territory (Vilaboa, Mondariz, Mondariz-Balneario, As Neves and O Grove).


Grants 2018

European rules establish that by 2020, 50 % of all urban waste shall be recycled and reused and a new national law will stablish that 100 % of bio-waste must be composted or collected, predictably by 2020. Because of these new laws, the Deputación has started a new line of action that will allow municipalities to implement composting in a gradual manner or in specific areas within their territory.

  • Economic aid

The grants for the new call, which are still being assessed, will mount to € 2,000,000, which account for 65 % of the municipalities' expenses.

  • Materials

The Deputación is distributing new units for community composting centres (400) and individual composters (1,200) in the member municipalities. They also plan to distribute composters for balconies and terraces.

  • Staff

The Deputación also subsidizes the hiring of temporal workers to run composting centres within this programme in the municipalities.

Bases (BOPPO 26/04/2018)


  • Selection of projects to monitor individual composting within the province of Pontevedra

The submission period will be 10 working days counting from the day after the publication of the call in the official gazette of the province of Pontevedra, Boletín Oficial da Provincia de Pontevedra.


Grants 2019

The Deputación subsidizes the hiring of temporal workers to run composting centres within this programme in the municipalities.