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Plant waste and food scraps (bio-waste) are the most abundant type of waste in the municipalities of the province. They make up 53 % of the waste produced per capita in Galicia and are the only type that can be treated in the same place where it is produced, with few resources, in a natural and controlled manner and under the best environmental and health conditions.

The Plan Revitaliza of the Deputación de Pontevedra is aimed at treating organic waste through self-composting and advocating for decentralization as a key measure. In the province of Pontevedra, population is highly scattered. Waste is generated so dispersedly that collecting it, putting it all together and process it in one place is simply not productive. Instead, it is far more efficient to treat it in the same place where it is produced (a concept known as kilometre zero) via individual composting in households with vegetable gardens, through community composting or in small local composting plants in more densely populated areas.

The objective of the Deputación the Pontevedra is preventing organic waste from entering the regular waste management cycle, which would eliminate the need for green waste containers, collection, transportation to a transfer station, and eventually incineration. Composting reduces the necessary means for bio-waste management and, therefore, the environmental impact and economic cost for local governments.

On this website you can learn how to compost. With some advice and the support of the technical staff of the Deputación, you will turn your waste into a valuable resource: the raw material to make compost, a natural, high-quality fertilizer that makes it possible to return to the earth what belongs to the earth.

The Deputación invites you to start composting and give your waste a new life. Revitaliza!

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